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That is one of the more interesting aspects about being on DA.  You run into things that you might not ordinarily run into in your usual circle of internet.  Some of those things cannot be unseen, and I could live without knowing things like anime furries wearing diapers was a thing (seriously people?  animals have FUR.  Plus a diaper?!?  You're going to need a professional groomer, and I hope that's not also a thing).  

But recently I ran into the indy game "Five Nights At Freddy's".  OF COURSE there is no Mac version, but honestly, I probably wouldn't play it because I'd freak out.  But what I can do is watch the videos of people who DO play it, and laugh my ass off.  Pewdiepie's version alone almost had me wetting myself.  That boy can scream!  

I just find it interesting how the characters have become these adorable, lovable things on DA, there's more images of them being cute and friendly rather than mindlessly horrible AI with costumes and bloody innards.  I suppose if you make friends of the monsters, they can't shove you into a costume.  

BUT THEY WILL.…  There's already word about a sequel.  O.O;  The author must have worked at a Chuck E. Cheese.  

Okay - See, that reminds me.  Gather around, Children...  Lo many moons ago, when the internet was but a glimmer in Bob Dole's eye, Nolan Bushnell, who had founded Atari decided it was time to expand.  INTO HORROR.  The Wiki says Bushnell was looking to expand, rumors back in the day say he'd sold Atari and had signed a no compete claus or something, but whatever, the point is, he decided the time was right to combine children, large hydraulically powered animatronics, arcade games, and pizza.  

Sadly, he was correct.  

They opened one of the first Chuck E. Cheese Pizza Time Theaters in La Habra, where I grew up.  My Dad was a hydraulic engineer.  I don't know if he did work for the franchise or if he was just checking out how they did the work on these guys, but despite being "too old" for the joint, we got draggggged in for some of the worst pizza ever.  I can actually remember how nasty it was.  It was cheap frozen pizza.  

And then the show started.  It was mezmerizingly bad.  But the animatronics?  Not too bad.  They had the Hssss-thnk sound with every movement common to hydraulically powered animatronics, and the tendency to overshoot their movement, but especially for animatronics that kids could get touching close to, they weren't bad.  

You could touch these things.  O.O  And they were already showing wear, within months of opening.  

Thing was, the characters we're familiar with now - those weren't all the characters.  Originally, there were more, and I think FNAF's alludes to one missing character by having Foxy in a separate 'theater', and is old and beat up.  Dolli Dimples - a blues singing piano playing hippo - used to lurk in a little room away from the general noise and ruckus.  

We used to hang out with Dolli.  Because we were teenagers and we went through our tokens for the game like water.  She was the coolest of the bunch, but was retired out.  She didn't even make the Chuck E. Cheese Wiki!  
...And of course, googling for Dolli taught me that there are entries for the Chuck E. Cheese characters on fursona wikis...  


And now, let us ignite a slice of Chuck E. Cheese Pizza - For YOU, Dolli!  
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